What is Commercial Diving?


Commercial diving is a type of professional diving, meaning you are paid to dive. Examples of professional diving careers include dive instructors, dive guides, and divers working in the science and research fields.

For-profit commercial enterprises employ commercial divers. Most often commercial divers are working underwater on construction, maintenance, and inspection of industrial equipment and structures. Many commercial divers are skilled tradespeople such as welders, pipefitters, and inspection specialists who have attended a commercial diving school to gain greater income-earning opportunities. If you are dreaming of an exciting career in commercial diving, a high-quality commercial diving education at Commercial Divers International (Commercial Divers International) is essential to success!

Typical Commercial Diving Job Roles and Assignments

Commercial diving provides a multitude of opportunities. Some of the most popular commercial diving jobs are:

  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair of dams, bridges, and water treatment installations
  • Civil infrastructure construction (dams, bridges, etc.)
  • Pipeline construction, inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Oilfield and oil rig inspection, repair and maintenance
  • General underwater welding
  • Diving Specialities (e.g., saturation, nuclear, and hazmat)
  • Salvage and recovery operations
  • Hyperbaric chamber operations
  • Shipyard construction and ship inspection, repair and maintenance

Why Commercial Diving International?

A commercial diving career can be challenging and rewarding. A high-quality commercial diving education is essential to getting the job done safely in an often hostile environment. Commercial Divers International is among the best at teaching students the necessary and most desirable skill sets the industry demands in addition to a topnotch commercial diving education! Commercial Divers International’s Commercial Diver program prepares participants to be the top commercial divers in the industry; upon completion of the program, you graduate with the skills and certifications employers seek when hiring qualified commercial divers. Commercial Divers International teaches physiology, physics, diving medicine, underwater welding, and diving operations, and our graduates deliver on every level.

Commercial Divers International Commercial Diving Campus

The deserts of Arizona might be the last place anyone might expect to find a commercial diving school. At Commercial Divers International, we haven’t let the surrounding desert stop us from designing a first-class commercial diver training facility to support our thorough commercial diver education. Diver training occurs on-site in 3 indoor 20,000-gallon training tanks with all necessary tools and surface supply gear. Our penetration tank on-site allows the student to simulate the experience of pipeline diving. Commercial Divers International commercial dive school was founded by highly experienced and professional former US Navy and commercial divers who know what it takes to train safe, skilled, and professional commercial divers. Commercial Divers International has every aspect of your commercial diving education covered to ensure you graduate with everything you need to be industry and career ready.

If you’re looking for an exhilarating career that challenges you daily, commercial diving may be for you. Contact a member of the Commercial Divers International team to take the first step in your commercial diving career!