Tactics and Techniques – Underwater Welding

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A career in commercial diving can be both exciting and lucrative. From rescue to underwater construction, commercial divers are in high-demand for both private companies and government agencies. Commercial diving is not without its dangers, which is why commercial divers with specialized skills like hyperbaric welding earn competitive salaries – salaries that make the risks worth it.


What Is Underwater Welding

Underwater welding is welding performed by a highly specialized commercial diver. Commercial divers may be employed to build or repair structures like retaining walls, bridges, or pipelines.

An underwater welder is often exposed to extremely hazardous conditions. To perform their job safely, the diver must be extensively trained and skilled in underwater construction and understand underwater welding techniques.


Underwater Welding Techniques

In all hyperbaric welding jobs, it is crucial to understand the basic underwater welding techniques:

  • Drag (or Self-Consuming) – In self-consuming welding electrodes are dragged across the project and applied with downward pressure. When performing the drag technique, the diver must maintain the proper lead angle and slope.
  • Oscillation – With oscillation, the electrode oscillates, causing the point closest to the holder to fall vertically. Oscillation prevents burning when the diver is welding in the root of a joint.
  • Step-Back – The step-back technique involves the use of stalling the forward speed, followed by traveling backward. This technique requires a higher level of control and can prove challenging.


Why Choose a Career in Commercial Diving

As we further explore our oceans, the demand for commercial divers increases. From working in the oil and gas industry to marine salvage projects, the need for different specialties in commercial diving is growing each year.

Having a specialized skill in the field can increase job prospects as well as income potential. Becoming certified in a specialized skill such as underwater welding from a reputable diving school like Commercial Divers International can help jumpstart your career.


Why Choose Commercial Divers International Diving School

The goal of Commercial Divers International is to be the top commercial diving school in the United States. Our team is committed to training individuals to be the best in their field, sought out by the nation’s top employers.

Our team is highly dedicated to the success of our students, providing not only an unparalleled diving education but job-seeking assistance and resources throughout our graduates’ diving careers.


Commercial Divers International – Programs For Veterans

If you are a veteran and interested in a career in commercial diving, contact a member of our team today! Commercial Divers International is veteran-owned. Our team understands the unique needs of veterans and is committed to the success of our veteran students.

CDI offers the following benefits for veterans:

  • GI Bill ® benefits accepted
  • $1000 scholarship automatically awarded
  • MyCAA benefits accepted for military families
  • VR&E opportunities

CDI is proud to be a Miltary Friendly® Silver School


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