Commercial Diving – The Importance of Clear Underwater Communication

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Effective communication is imperative to any job, but it is even more essential for a commercial diver. Commercial divers must practice clear underwater communication to perform their duties safely. Commercial divers are routinely subjected to a multitude of hazardous situations. Because of the danger that commercial divers sometimes face, utilizing both verbal and non-verbal communication is of utmost importance. A diver must know how to communicate clearly with their fellow divers and those who remain topside.


Best Practices – Underwater Communication

One of the most important things that a student learns in their commercial diving education is underwater communication techniques. The most commonly used underwater communication signals are hand signals, line pull signals, hardwire communication, voice communications, and diver recall systems.

  • Hand Signals – hand signals are the oldest form of underwater communication. Although most diving hand signals are universally accepted, it is essential to review your hand signals with others you are diving with, before you go underwater.
  • Line Pull Signals – line pull signals are a communication method between a diver and the person who is tending a lifeline. Most line pull signals are based on the signals designated by the US Navy, but as with hand signals, it is essential to review these before submerging so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Hardwire Communication – this sort of communication involves a communication cable between topside and the diver. It is essential for divers who use hardwire communication to utilize radio talk to ensure their message is getting across correctly.
  • Voice Communication – wireless voice communication systems involve a microphone within the diver’s helmet. The transceiver takes the voice signal and sends it in all directions.
  • Diver Recall Systems – this type of underwater communication typically falls into three categories – percussion, explosive, and electronic. Every kind of recall system works to send immediate communication topside if a diver needs to return to the surface quickly.

Divers learn in their commercial diver training courses that effective communication not only assists divers in performing their jobs with precision but ensures that they maintain their safety at all times.


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