The Importance of a Quality Commercial Diving School

How important is the quality of the commercial diving school you choose? It can be as important as your life. In a critical situation, your training is what will make the difference in how well you perform and how you make the vital decisions that matter most when conditions are just a little less than perfect! It’s one of the most important reasons to choose Commercial Divers International, the best commercial diving school in the U.S.

Another factor to consider in choosing a commercial diving school is that a high-quality diving education like the one you get at Commercial Divers International will make you a more attractive employment prospect. Employers spend significant amounts of money to contract diving services. They expect and demand the kind of professional education, training, and preparation you get at Commercial Divers International, the best diving school education available anywhere in the world. In the sometimes dangerous commercial diving field, your teammates will expect, demand, and appreciate that your skills are up to par as well.

The quality of the staff and instructors at the commercial diving school you choose is every bit as important as any tool or piece of equipment you use. As a student at Commercial Divers International, you will be trained by some of the best-qualified instructors, whose first-hand experience spans all aspects of the commercial diving industry. Whether your interest is in salvage, HAZMAT, non-destructive inspection, or operations planning & management, Commercial Divers International’s curriculum, instructors, and state-of-the-art equipment will have you fully prepared.

You want your commercial diver training to be conducted at a first-rate facility. Commercial Divers International prides itself on operating a top-notch, 2.8-acre campus in Goodyear, Arizona with three 21,000 gallon tanks and an extensive collection of high tech, surface-supplied gear and commercial diving helmets for students. This means you will be trained and have hands-on practice using the same equipment you will encounter day in and day out as a commercial diver.

At Commercial Divers International you will earn your ADCI / ADCE commercial diving qualifications. Those certifications are your ticket to begin your commercial diving career. Along with your commercial certification, you will also earn your recreational diving certification if you do not already have that so you can pursue recreational diving as well should you choose.

Commercial Divers International is just as committed and invested in your success as you are. You will have the benefit of our resources, experience, and industry contacts to help you find work and continue to develop your skills as a commercial diver.

Commercial Divers International is committed to giving you the training and preparation to find work and develop your skills and network of industry contacts after graduation. One of the most important benefits of attending one of the best commercial diving schools is the confidence you build and carry with you to job opportunities. You can be assured that Commercial Divers International will continue to support you after graduation and help you identify and pursue your particular career interests in the commercial diving industry.