ADCI Diving Physical

All students must complete an ADCI diving physical before any hyperbaric chamber or diving exposure.  Some medical conditions may be disqualifying for diving.

Disqualifying conditions can include a history of seizures, chronic inability to equalize sinus and middle ear pressure, significant lung disorder/disease, major nervous system disorder/disease, and certain bone conditions.

Final determinations for fitness to dive must be made by a physician.  CDI refers local students to Dr. Kenneth Anaeme MD, FACP, FAAP, CWS-P, ABPM/UHM, the only physician in the Phoenix area certified to provide fitness to dive examinations by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine Society who accepts appointments from the general public.  The cost of the exam is approximately $500 and is not typically covered by insurance plans. To make an appointment with Dr. Anaeme, please contact Rapid Care Centers at (623) 547-6838.  Exams are conducted at Rapid Care Centers 7615 W Thunderbird Rd Suite 106 Peoria, AZ 85381.

The physical can be completed by any physician, but all exams must be filled out using the ADCI Medical History and Examination Forms.  If you are able to have another doctor complete the required x-rays, audiogram, spirometry, resting EKG, urinalysis, and blood tests (for cost, convenience, or any other reason), Dr. Anaeme is available to complete the remaining neuro exam and review of all results to complete your exam as fit to dive for a fee of $175.

To view a more thorough description of the exam and the ADCI Physical Medical History and Examination Forms, please click here.


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  1. Can I dive on clopidogrel after mitral valve replacement. Cardiologist cleared him?

    1. We recommend you check with your primary care physician and also contact a physician who specializes in hyberbaric medicine. If you’d like the contact information for the physician who handles dive physicals for CDI, please contact us at (623) 882-3483.

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