If you are just out of high school, looking for a new career, or just a change, CDI is here to give you the necessary skills you will need in commercial diving and underwater welding. We recommend scheduling a tour of our training facility as soon as possible to fully familiarize yourself with our program. In order to be successful in a diving career the following are our requirements for acceptance into our immersive training programs.



You must be at least 17 years of age before starting a program at CDI.


Students are required to provide documentation proving graduation from a qualified high school or GED program. In addition to a high school diploma or GED, students must be proficient in written and oral English skills and mechanical skills. All applicants must also be competent swimmers.


All prospective students must pass an ADCI based physical by an approved physician. This exam is covered by many insurance plans, please contact CDI to receive a list of doctors in the area that may be covered under your plan. Without insurance, the physical exam may cost up to $550. A diving physical must be completed prior to your scheduled start date. Students are responsible for all costs related to the diving physical exam. Unfortunately, CDI cannot reimburse medical or other expenses for students who are not cleared to start the program.

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